The Lady’s Perspective

Hey guys!

Anthony already touched on who we are, where we are and that we have been able to furnish our house for free.

I will touch on a couple other things here a bit unrelated to furniture, but still a big reason for our frugality (or at least my motivation with it). I’ll try to keep it brief, but no promises. I am a firm believer that details are important. 😉

Also pretty sure I just heard Anthony’s  eyes roll hahaha.

sara and heather (1)
Let’s not talk about my hair.


So, I grew up in an affluent area of Orange County. My high school was right outside of a wealthy gated community and (just to give you a quick idea) I went to school with some of the people on the Real Housewives show.

I’ve never seen an episode of it though, so you can just take that with a grain of salt.

There were some times growing up wh

ere a friend was “punished” for totaling her new mustang so had to drive the 1990-something BMW or where they would just suggest I ask my parents for a $100+ so we could go to Disney or dinner or some random attraction.

I didn’t go on school trips or Grad Night and I worked my but off at Ralph’s and Pick Up Stix to put a down payment on a beater car that ended up being broken as soon as I drove off the lot with it.


Fast forward a few years and Anthony met the broke train wreck that was me…kisskiss (1)


maybe not a train wreck, but more like a camp mess hall after a food fight? Is that any better?

Needless to say, I was broke as a joke and kind of a disaster. This guy saw past all of that and a few months later we were engaged and trying to have a budget wedding with 325 guests.

A few more months and we were married and 8 months later we were all packed up and driving a Uhaul out to good ole 120 degree Arizona.

Arizona for real tho….

A year later we purchased out first house and we realized how expensive it is to own a house. We had to get creative.

I had moved some 18 times from the time I was 17 to 21, sometimes moving back to someone’s couch after trying to go off on my own. Owning a house that was ours was a big deal.

Now I wanted to have it all – you know, champagne taste with a beer budget? It wasn’t going to happen unless we got creative. Thank God, He made me a creative person 😉


Am I always frugal? No, I’m not. I love my makeup and my few select designer items, but I was in my 20s before I ever owned a new something designer. I also love my hand –me-downs and my thrift finds. Heck, my wedding dress was essentially 80ish% off but that’s another story for another time.makep


For profit and design,

Sara C.


We love all things flipping and have furnished our whole house with nice furniture at no cost. We're here to share with everyone my tip, tricks and deals so that you can get the best stuff for just a bit of time and effort. Trade up our friends!

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