Let’s Get Creative

When I look back at these pictures, I laugh. Our house looked a little ridiculous with a 1bedroom apartment’s amount of stuff in it. We went from under 800 square feet to just slightly over 2000.

We had all the space to prove it and none of the funds to furnish it. Notice the lack of a table in our new little breakfast nook.



Most of our furniture we had was given to us either by our sweet parents and friends or the very generous people on Craigslist or garage-sellers.living area

But wait –I don’t love it. It’s not my style. Why don’t we just get a credit card? Clearly you make a ton of money, we always went out—like seriously, multiple times a week– when we were dating. What do you mean we don’t have that kind of cash anymore? But I want a new couch….and a bigger bed…and a new table….and all the décor that goes with it.

We get it. I was whiney and had gotten used to being spoiled by the Husband when we had a little apartment that was hella cheap. Also, I may live in a world where I am the Queen and my house is my castle. It’s fine. I’m not crazy…at least not really crazy. It’s comfortable in that world. Clearly that world isn’t reality. LOL. We get it.

Ok, so I wanted the world but we definitely couldn’t afford it after purchasing the house and painting it.


So the couch was off-white.  At the time I desired to have a big, comfy, dark neutral sectional. Wah wah. Solution? Get a big comfy soft blanket that I liked and drape it over the couch like your Grammy’s crocheted blanket masterpiece. It’s an easy quick fix, and it worked enough to buy us some time.

Other easy ways to spruce up a couch? Pillows, slipcovers, cleaning your couch, a coffee table in front of it…
– often times you can find someone giving away the standard pillows that  came with their couch. You know the ones I’m talking about. They scream “I WAS PURCHASED AT ASHLEY FURNITURE” or “I CAME FROM LIVING SPACES”! They’re kind of cool.

They’re frequently getting offered by people on Craigslist or OfferUp or Facebook BST pages.  You can snatch ‘em up fairly easy anywhere from FREE to $20 for the whole set. Slipcovers are great as well to change the appearance of something until you can get something you are in love with.

Don’t like the color of the trim on the mirror or a picture frame or the table, but the price was right? Use some left over paint from another project or spend a few bucks at Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up a color you’d like. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and find a can of paint that’s already mixed and marked down.

Really, the possibilities to transform a piece are endless when you take the time to let your imagination wander.our house

For profit and design,

Sara C.  


We love all things flipping and have furnished our whole house with nice furniture at no cost. We're here to share with everyone my tip, tricks and deals so that you can get the best stuff for just a bit of time and effort. Trade up our friends!

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